Ground guards

Strong, safe and simple: Hebra is a supplier of high quality, temporary plastic ground protection solutions.  Ground Guards have a variety of applications: Construction sites, golf courses, car parks, cemeteries, etc.

Ground Guards have a coarse checked pattern that, besides protecting the ground, prevents vehicles from getting stuck or making deep grooves. Great strength-to-weight ratio. Robust 12.5 mm thick polyethylene.

All Ground-Guards ground protection products are incredibly strong, but also lightweight, which means they are easy to use and simple to install by hand without the need of expensive lifting equipment, even for one person. Additional equipment is available to lock the panels together.

Ground Guards VM28 Dimension 0.61 x 2.44 metres Weight 20 kg
Ground Guards VM38 Dimension 0.91 x 2.44 metres Weight 29 kg
Ground Guards VM48 Dimension 1,22 x 2,44 metres Weight 39 kg