About us


Hebra AS was established in 1991 by Olav G. Hestness, owner of Stavanger Rørhandel and Magnus R. Braadland. Hence the name HEBRA: HE for Hestness and BRA for Braadland. 

Hebra started by supplying surplus/excess material but now primarily deals with certified materials. We stock about 11,000 tonnes of steel piping in all dimensions for applications including piling, pipe jacking and construction. We can offer fast delivery direct from our warehouses, or through our partners who have over 300,000 tonnes of steel piping in stock for immediate shipment. We also supply newly manufactured steel piping in all dimensions from well-respected steelworks.

Aside from our sales of pipes in Norway, a large part of our revenues come from buying and selling pipes internationally. We are actively involved with large-scale buying and selling activities, both new and surplus pipes, in almost every corner of the globe.

Our head office is in Bryne where we also have a warehouses in addition to the Netherlands.